It's time to build.

Increase revenue by powering your own B2B marketplace distribution model

Why build with Nautical?

Nautical can help you build an ecommerce marketplace that both buyers and sellers love in days, not months.

Turn yourself into the next Alibaba, Grainger, or Faire with Nautical’s unified multi-vendor platform.

Make it easy for partners to sell

Nautical enables channel partners to sign up for your marketplace with native self-service tools. Integrations and APIs make it intuitive for vendors to import products from their existing catalogs and platforms.

Direct connections with buyers

73% of B2B buyers want a personalized, B2C-like shopping experience. With Nautical, you can create unique experiences to keep your buyers coming back and learn more about them along the way.

Trust software built for B2B

We understand that managing consumers is much different than managing vendors. Nautical was built to help manage the UX, sales process, and product complexities that come with a B2B sale.

Get started

What are you looking for in a B2B marketplace platform?

Keep the products you love to use with Nautical

You can replatform without replatforming using Nautical's multi-vendor software. Bring your PIM, OMS, IMS or use ours - either way we have you covered with our headless platform.

In a marketplace, you have both buyers and sellers

And sellers shouldn't be forgotten. Onboarding vendors is a breeze with Nautical's self-service vendor onboarding. They can bring their own tools, too!

Help vendors get paid and buyers pay

Nautical enables purchases to be made with a variety of different nuances whether that be pay by PO, bulk discount, or another option. On the other hand, we also allow you to pay your vendors straight from our platform.

Add in all the details you need to assure your buyers

We know B2B has different requirements around product descriptions, and we're prepared for it. You and your vendors can add in documents, specs, multiple photos, videos and more to make this complex sale a bit easier.