Customer Stories

SkyX Group Unifies Multiple DTC & B2B Channels to Streamline Processes



consumer packaged goods



dtc & b2b wholesale



multi-brand unification

Increased Revenues

Added B2B payment methods

Expanded Customer Reach

Direct to Retailer Channel

More scalability

Do more with current headcount

About SkyX

SkyX Group manufactures vaporizer technology in the consumer goods space. They began by selling solely to wholesale distributors and later added multiple direct-to-consumer (DTC) sites.

Each of SkyX’s sales channels were siloed on different ecommerce platforms which created incredible inefficiencies in administration and a limited view of their business. Each channel had a separate PIM, IMS, OMS, payment processor, and reporting. Additionally, their traditional wholesale sales process required manual transaction handling. 

SkyX realized their business could not effectively scale and began looking for a solution.

Needed a solution that could:

  • Offer a wholesale portal with customer-specific products and pricing, as well as the ability to accept credit cards
  • Unify their DTC brands into one view to aggregate data and cross sell customers
  • Connect their DTC and B2B data for inventory management, fulfillment, and reporting
  • Onboard alongside their existing systems to not disrupt their current business lines

The Results

Increased Revenues

“We’ve probably lost hundreds of thousands of dollars not having Nautical already set up as a wholesale portal because store chains like to pay with a credit card. We weren't able to provide them a credit card option, and now we can.”

Expanded Customer Reach

“A business strategy that we had not previously pursued was selling direct to retailers. Now we have a strategy where we can sell to retailers directly through email blasts and human assisted follow ups. Then the retailers set up an account and buy directly from us. We significantly increase our bottom line with better margins and more volume.” 

More Scalability

“In terms of efficiency and headcount, keeping our current headcount we can do much more.”

Nautical’s Approach

Nautical automated B2B transaction handling by building an online wholesale platform with credit card capabilities. Retailers access the site through a portal with custom wholesaler pricing and products.

In the Nautical dashboard, SkyX can see aggregated orders, inventory, products, and customers from their separate DTC sites as well as their B2B sales. SkyX can cross sell and market to customers coming from all their sites and fulfill orders more efficiently.

Nautical onboarded in parallel with existing systems to ensure the integrations were running properly before retiring the former DTC sites. SkyX was able to convert to Nautical’s platform fully without any disruption to their customers or lost orders.