Automate marketplace management.

Remove time-intensive manual processes with Nautical's marketplace platform.

Why build with Nautical?

As the only multi-vendor native marketplace platform, Nautical can help you automate marketplace management to build a marketplace that both buyers and sellers love, in days not months.

Increase seller conversion rate

Don't let vendor onboarding slow you down. Enable sellers to sign up for your marketplace with native self-service tools. Integrations and APIs make it intuitive for vendors to import products from their existing catalogs and track inventory with two-way syncs.

Create quality buying experiences

Nautical’s platform allows vendors to integrate with their current tools to sync products and inventory seamlessly. This means as a marketplace operator you have the visibility you need to never sell out of stock item or lose a package due to inefficient communication with your sellers. Automated notifications keep your buyers in the loop on order status and ensure they have a smooth buying experience.

Reduce cost of vendor management

Remove manual processes and the additional headcount required to operate your marketplace. You can track orders and inventory in one unified view instead of employing manual entry to send out orders, onboard sellers, and handle customer service.

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What are you looking for in a marketplace platform?

Keep all your ecommerce systems in sync

With Nautical's native system integrations, you can keep all your ecommerce systems in sync. Nautical employs two-way integrations so there is no need to manually input data from one system to the next.

In a marketplace, you have both buyers and sellers

And sellers shouldn't be forgotten. Onboarding vendors is a breeze with Nautical's self-service vendor onboarding. Sellers can integrate with the tools they are already using to import products, report on inventory, and ship orders.

Advanced checkout and payout options

Nautical enables you to integrate payment tools into your customer checkout as well as calculate and pay commissions to your sellers and affiliates.

Give all your stakeholders customized access to your dashboard

All your stakeholders are important, but that doesn't mean they should all be seeing the same information. Give customized permissions and access to sellers, affiliates, and partners that best fit their needs.