The complete multi-vendor marketplace platform.

Quickly launch and scale your online marketplace, without the cost of custom software
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Nautical multi-vendor marketplace dashboard
Nautical integration with Stripe
Nautical Integration with ShipStation
Nautical integration with Shopify
Nautical integration with Klaviyo
Nautical integration with SendGrid
Yotpo integration

Simple. More vendors, more stores, more growth

Harness the reach of your community with a single multi-vendor marketplace platform. By leveraging the asset-light marketplace model, you can offer more products to customers, increase customer reach, and build out a more sustainable supply chain all while minimizing overhead costs.

Nautical marketplace ecosystem

Check out why buyers and sellers love Nautical's multi-vendor marketplace platform

Nautical can support marketplaces from DTC to B2B

Make it easy for vendors to sell

Nautical simplifies signing up for your marketplace with native self-service tools. Integrations and APIs make it intuitive for vendors to import products from their existing catalogs and platforms.

  • Self-service sign up
  • Shopify integration
  • Bulk product upload
  • API access
Nautical marketplace operator dashboard
Nautical vendor management dashboard

Let vendors manage themselves

Nautical allows you to give every vendor their own account including their own product catalog and orders. They can manage their orders in whichever system they prefer to work in.

  • Multi-seller cart
  • Dashboard and reports
  • User permissions
  • Vendor returns

Showcase sellers and brands

Empower your brands and sellers with unique and custom experiences. Harness the passion of your community by putting creators in the center of your product.

  • Seller websites
  • Vendor collections
  • Affiliate management
  • Influencer stores
Nautical brand showcase frontend
Nautical tools for SEO, APIs, PWA

Trust in a modern commerce suite

Your commerce platform needs to be built for the next decade, not the last. Get the latest standards in commerce software without extra apps, spend, or sacrifices.

  • SEO Optimized
  • Powerful APIs
  • Mobile PWA
  • Headless Storefront
Unified Multi-Vendor Platform

Unlock growth with a complete multi-vendor marketplace platform

Our multi-vendor marketplace platform makes managing vendors easy so you can focus on growing your business

  • Unlimited

    variants and attributes
  • Modern

    mobile and web commerce
  • Customizable

    unlimited API Calls
  • International

    49 languages supported

Build any marketplace you can imagine

There has never been an easier way to power your multi-vendor business

Consumer marketplaces

Build your own Amazon, Etsy, or Poshmark, faster than any other approach

Consumer marketplaces can be built easily and quickly

Business marketplaces

Power a bulk distributor or wholesaling model like Alibaba, Grainger, or Faire

Businesses can buy on the marketplace how businesses prefer to buy


Manage the brand experience for your customers on resale goods

Affiliates are built into Nautical Commerce

Multi-brand businesses

Unify all of your brands into a single platform while powering unique domains for each brand


Check out the rest of our multi-vendor marketplace platform features

  • Mobile friendly
  • Multi-Language
  • Custom Fields
  • Unlimited SKUs
  • SEO Optimized
  • Cloud Agnostic
  • B2B Payments
  • Bulk Discounts

Looking for a multi-vendor marketplace for a customer project?

The Nautical multi-vendor marketplace platform is flexible, allowing you to build unique stories for your customers.

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