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The future of commerce is connected. It is no longer feasible for a single vendor to compete in the market with only owned inventory. The largest and fastest growing businesses in the world are utilizing the marketplace model to enable third party sellers and leverage the power of a platform. 

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36% higher AOVs than equivalent ecommerce stores

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47% repeat buyer rate compared to 34% for retailers & 20% for brands 

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15-20% higher conversion rates than single-seller stores 

The Power of Multi-Vendor for B2C Marketplaces

More Products 

Expand your product assortment and offer your customers an endless aisle. Add in adjacent categories and quickly serve up new products by leveraging third party sellers.

More Customers

Reach a new segment of customers by offering complementary products. Strengthen your organic SEO and brand awareness through increased web traffic.    

More Profits

Decrease the overhead required to warehouse and manage products. Increase product availability and reduce out-of-stock items and dead-stock inventory. 

Making marketplace tech accessible

Nautical’s multi-vendor marketplace platform is democratizing access to marketplace technology by making it easy to start and validate the marketplace model without millions in upfront investment.

We were built specifically for multi-vendor ecommerce from the ground up.

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Flexible Infrastructure  

Nautical’s API-first architecture gives you the flexibility to build the buying and selling experience that your stakeholders require

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Full Commerce Platform

Nautical can standalone to power your third party marketplace offering alongside your existing business 

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Low Risk

With Nautical, you can launch your marketplace in as little as 90 days. Get your marketplace in front of customers faster

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Embrace & Extend

Launch your marketplace while leveraging the ecommerce tools that are already in your workflow

"Nautical covers the majority of what we need as a marketplace operator, allowing us to focus on building the business vs. building and maintaining integrations and an e-commerce backend. Implementation was easy and the team offers us the support we need to move quickly."

Tigran Sinanyan
Co-Founder, Rocket Shop

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