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Disrupt your industry with a B2B marketplace

Nautical delivers all the tools necessary for distributors, manufacturers, and brokers to deliver the online experiences your buyers require 

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The Future of B2B Commerce is Multi-Vendor

Distributors leveraging the marketplace model have seen significant year-over-year growth after launch.

Growth In Revenue
Growth In Customers
Growth in Average Order Value (AOV)

The Power of Multi-Vendor for B2B Marketplaces

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More Customers

Service a new type of customer by offering additional products alongside the ones you hold in inventory.

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More Ecommerce Sales

Increase your online revenue by offering a wider range of products on your site.

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More Growth

The marketplace model has proven to significantly increase not only revenue but also the bottom line.

Here to help you make waves

Nautical is democratizing access to multi-vendor marketplace technology. Our platform was built to allow all businesses to leverage the power of the marketplace model – not just the biggest of the big.

With Nautical, you have the power to disrupt your industry.  

Proven Track Record in B2B

Many of our customers are B2B businesses. We understand the unique needs and complexities of a B2B transaction

Crawl, Walk, Run

Since Nautical serves as a complete multi-vendor commerce platform, you can launch your marketplace in phases as your business needs grow

Launch quickly

You shouldn’t have to become a tech company to sell online. Focus on building out your supplier networks and let Nautical handle the rest

Use what you have

Nautical’s API-first architecture allows you to keep the tools and workflows you already use while adding marketplace functionality

Corey Berman
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The management time that's committed to each individual seller and the amount of hours dedicated to admin has gone down by an order of magnitude by moving to Nautical, which is a huge savings and makes operating a business so much easier."

Corey Berman
Co-Founder & President, Koru Distribution

Unlock your marketplace potential

Discover the ultimate support for your marketplace journey, tailored to your unique goals.

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