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We're charging diligently towards our mission to democratize access to multi-vendor marketplace tech

Our values

Radically Human

We make everything about people: our technology, decisions, interactions, and product are rooted in the power of being human first.

Honestly Humble

We proceed by leaning into our team, knowing we don't know everything. We listen, make data-driven decisions, and communicate openly.

Customer Centric

We are customer focused because acting in the interest of our customer is always the right choice.

Solution Oriented

We leave our egos at the door and focus on solving problems. We are okay with being wrong to make sure the product is right.

Passionately Different

We believe in the strength of diversity, embracing different perspectives and cultures to improve our community and our decision quality.

Our Mission

Democratizing access to multi-vendor marketplace technology

Marketplaces are now an essential part of every organization's core commercialization strategy

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