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Join the wave-makers

Nautical is a rapidly growing ecommerce technology company. We are looking for passionate people to join our crew.

Meet the team

What we believe

Be Passionate

We favor the bold. We have a passion for changing the world, a love for our craft, and a deep pride in our work. We're here to do our lives' best work.

Lead, Don’t Follow

We are an ambitious team of super achievers. United on our quest to change the world with the most scalable and cutting-edge marketplace platform, our job is to make the difficult seem simple. We blaze our own path.

Extreme Ownership

We get it done. As Directly Responsible Individuals (DRIs) that have an overdeveloped sense of accountability, we own a problem from start to finish. Together, we deliver results.

Surprise & Delight

Our speed to market is ingrained in our culture, delivering high quality output at an exceptional pace⏤we strive to surprise and delight customers by delivering much more than expected, faster.

Innovate Incessantly

We are product-minded builders, innovators, and problem solvers with a curiosity, open mindedness, and results-oriented approach to delivering elegant products.

Play for Keeps

We work hard and play hard. We make bold moves both at work and at home. We bring it everyday to deliver because we like to win.

Sweat the Details

Elegance is earned in the details—we focus on making our product intuitive, flexible, and have a deep appreciation for the nuances that make interactions enjoyable.

Skill, Speed, Strength

We specialize in making the impossible possible. We see aggressive deadlines as a key differentiator. We know that speed beats strength and skill beats speed.


Don’t see a role that aligns with your skillset? Feel free to share your resume. We’re always looking to meet great people who connect with our mission and values.

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