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Nautical is the only complete multi-vendor marketplace platform

Our Story

After spending years helping the largest companies in the world with digital transformation while at Apple, Visa, Turvo, and Modo, Nautical Founders Ryan Lee, Niklas Halusa, and James Throsby noticed a trend.

All of these enterprises were looking to build a marketplace, but they didn't have the technology or the expertise to do it. They were spending millions of dollars and years to get their marketplaces off the ground, and wasting valuable time and resources in the process.

The team decided to build an elegant multi-vendor platform that orchestrates the full lifecycle of marketplace transactions across the multitude of systems involved. This platform would make marketplace technology accessible to businesses of all stripes, from startups to enterprises.

They called it Nautical.
Our mission

Democratizing access to multi-vendor marketplace technology

Marketplaces are now an essential part of every organization's core commercialization strategy. Nautical is making accessible marketplace tech to enable businesses to take advantage of multi-vendor opportunities.

Our Values

Be Intellectually Honest

We value diversity of thoughts and perspectives in our communication and approach conversations with an honest, respectful attitude. We're willing to admit when we're wrong, so our product can be right.

Be a Tall Poppy

We are a team of people who want to achieve great things. We value those who are ambitious without being arrogant. Be proud of your work and continuously sharpen your skills.  

Don't be Afraid to Fail

We are a company with an ambitious mission. We have a growth mindset and encourage taking initiative. We believe that success is built from trying and failing and trying again.

Act with Integrity

We take accountability for our work, finish what we started, and always do what is right for the customer and the company. Especially when it's not easy.

Best Idea Wins

We acknowledge and value the best ideas, no matter where they come from. Every employee's voice is heard and can influence the company's direction. We ensure the best idea prevails and commit to its execution.

Executive Team

Nautical Commerce Co-Founder & CEO, Nicklas Halusa

Niklas Halusa

Co-Founder & CEO

headshot of Nautical Commerce Co-Founder & Lead Architect, James Throsby

James Throsby

Co-Founder & Lead Architect

headshot of Nautical Commerce member Rohan

Rohan Nair

VP of Technology

headshot of Nautical Commerce Head of Marketing, Lindy Singer

Lindy Singer

Head of Marketing

headshot of Nautical Commerce Head of Customer Success, Yael Nassi

Yael Nassi

Head of Customer Success

headshot of Nautical Commerce Co-Founder & Advisor, Ryan Lee

Ryan J. Lee

Co-Founder & Advisor


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