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The multi-vendor
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Why are multi-vendor experiences so difficult to launch? Because most commerce platforms focus solely on commerce, while multi-vendor experiences sit at the intersection of commerce, fintech, and logistics.

Nautical’s multi-vendor marketplace platform orchestrates each of these functions to track multi-vendor transactions across their entire lifecycle.


Offer a powerful commerce experience with a composable platform built for marketplace transactions. Complete with a multi-vendor PIM, OMS, and checkout, Nautical enables you to deliver an exceptional multi-vendor buying experience.


Deliver the payments experience your buyers and sellers expect. Nautical’s fintech tools help you master your back office with elegant payment orchestration, real-time accounting for revenue, payouts, and taxes across thousands of commercial contracts.


Manage your vendors from vetting to payouts. Keep track of online orders as they flow between you and your vendors. Nautical helps ensure each listing is tracked from upload to delivery and returns — across an unlimited number of vendors and warehouses.

  • Order Management System

    Keep track of order status and delivery updates across multiple vendors in one unified dashboard.

  • Product Information Management

    Standardized product uploads ensure consistent product details, image specs, and attributes, contributing to a positive customer experience.

  • Bulk Product Upload

    Equip vendors with a simple process to upload products in bulk, in a format they are familiar with.

  • Unlimited SKUs

    Add the products that will keep buyers coming back without limits on catalog size or number of warehouses.

  • Multi-Vendor Checkout

    Make it frictionless to buy more from your curated product catalog with a seamless multi-seller checkout.

  • SEO Capabilities

    Optimize your marketplace for SEO by enabling vendors to manage their own meta-descriptions for products uploaded.

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Communication tools

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Marketing integrations

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Master product catalog

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Vouchers and coupons

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  • Payments Orchestration Layer

    Connect to a variety of payment service providers with Nautical’s native integrations, or leverage our API-first architecture to easily include your own providers.

  • True Multi-Currency

    Go global with domiciled settlement. Report revenue and transaction volume in all three currencies — the transaction, the listing, and the domiciled currency.

  • Contract Lifecycle Management

    Keep track of your contracts with stakeholders. Calculate commissions and settle payments on individual seller agreements with bespoke fee structures.

  • Real-Time Revenue Recognition

    Manage the flow of money throughout the multi-vendor transaction. Account for revenue, payouts, and taxes across thousands of commercial contracts in real-time.

  • Tax Management Integrations

    Integrate with tax products to ensure the correct taxes are being issued. Payment provider integrations will enable KYC and create your 1099s for marketplace vendors.

More Features
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Pay by invoice

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Commission calculation

  • Logistics Orchestration System

    Coordinate the exchange of products and services seamlessly across the buyers and sellers on your platform. Track order status, fulfillment, and delivery in real-time from one place.

  • Vendor Compliance

    Onboard sellers quickly using our simple seller onboarding tools with KYC compliance. Design the onboarding experience unique to your business and vet vendors quickly so they can start selling.

  • Returns Workflow

    Be in control of returns and exception handling. Shipping integrations, communications, and tracking tools enable you to know where products are throughout the entire lifecycle of the return.

  • Unlimited Real-Time Warehouses

    Track and sync the flow of inventory across an unlimited number of warehouses for all of your vendors. Share real-time and accurate shipping information.

More Features
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Logistics provider integrations

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Dashboard and reports

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Whitelabel vendor portal

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Bulk product upload

  • Headless Extensibility

    Stay in control of your customer journey and channel strategy by leveraging an open platform that is agnostic to frontend frameworks.

  • Event-Driven Microservices

    Leverage an event-driven microservice architecture that enables platforms to scale as demand requires, with the ability to extend the platform for your business needs.

  • GraphQL APIs

    Craft the next generation of commerce by seamlessly connecting systems with our fast, open API framework.

  • Cloud-Agnostic

    Deploy on any cloud platform or on-premise, with our platform, you can choose your cloud provider.

  • Multi-Channel

    Harness the ability to segment data across multiple domains to unify your commerce into a single platform and rapidly build personalized experiences.

  • Composable

    Easily integrate best-in-breed tools that serve you and your customers' needs into Nautical's multi-vendor commerce platform.

More Features
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Commerce tool integrations

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Custom app supported

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Built on kubernetes

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App marketplace


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"The management time that’s committed to each individual seller and the amount of hours dedicated to admin has gone down by an order of magnitude by moving to Nautical, which is a huge savings and makes operating a business so much easier."

Corey Berman

Co-Founder and President

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“From the day I pitched my concept (to Nautical), to the day we were able to sit down in one of the largest vehicle logistics retailers office in the country was less than 90 days…the speed at which they brought us to market was insane.”

Royce Neubauer


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