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Grow beyond your inventory with the marketplace model

Nautical enables you to expand your assortment without disrupting your current offerings

Nautical Commerce multi-vendor distributor platform example

Customer Stories

See how Nautical’s multi-vendor capabilities have helped your peers.

From the day I pitched my concept (to Nautical), to the day we were able to sit down in one of the largest vehicle logistics retailers office in the country was less than 90 days…the speed at which they brought us to market was insane.”

Royce Neubauer
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Limitless Scalability,
Limitless Profitability

The proof is in the numbers. Businesses see significant year-over-year growth after a marketplace launch.

Growth In Revenue
Growth In Customers
Growth in Average Order Value (AOV)

Move Over, Dropshipping

Marketplaces are the future of commerce. By embracing the multi vendor marketplace platform model, your business has the potential to transcend the limitations of first-party commerce and dropshipping scenarios.

Expand and diversify your product assortment without taking on the inventory risk that comes with traditional commerce or the heavy lift required to onboard and manage dropshippers. 

Nautical Commerce multi-vendor distributor platform example

Why Expand Assortment with Nautical?

Embrace your existing systems

No need to rip & replace. Nautical’s API-first infrastructure can work alongside your existing technology

Build on your existing dropship capabilities

Manage dropshippers and marketplace sellers in one unified platform

Get to market faster

With Nautical, you can reduce risk by launching quickly and expediting your time to value

Seamlessly manage sellers

Customizable seller experience allow vendors to easily upload products and manage orders

Work with marketplace experts

Nautical was built to launch and scale marketplaces. We aren’t a single-vendor platform trying to make multi-vendor work

Features and Capabilities to Expand Your Assortment

Multi-Vendor Order Management

Coordinate orders across multiple vendors from checkout to refunds and exceptions.

Product Curation

Create a Master Product Catalog to ensure consistency across product information and approve products uploaded by sellers.


Offer the marketplace experience your buyers and sellers expect with our customizable and configurable API-first platform.

App Marketplace

Quickly integrate with the systems you’re already using with our pre-built connections to popular third-party tools. Check out the full list of integrations.

Vendor Management

Build a marketplace loved by sellers with tailored onboarding, bulk product uploads, and seller dashboards.

Endless Aisle

Reach your full potential by onboarding an unlimited number of sellers with an unlimited number of SKUs.

Ready to Get Started?

Nautical Commerce multi-vendor distributor platform example