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Meet Nautical Commerce: The Multi-Vendor Marketplace Platform

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I have had the privilege to be on some amazing teams working on groundbreaking projects. I worked at Apple rolling out ApplePay across the globe, spent some time at a logistics startup, and led product at a fintech among other roles. 

At these companies, I was talking to both very large and very small organizations, and they all had the same problem. They wanted to leverage a multi-vendor marketplace business model -  either by launching a new marketplace or adding it to their existing ecommerce platform - but it was not approachable. 

Large enterprises were spending millions of dollars and multiple years with consulting companies to lay out the plan and build custom solutions on top of their ecommerce stack. By the time the solution was implemented, the tech was outdated and the market had moved on. 

Smaller businesses were adding multiple plugins and apps to their Shopify stores to get the functionality they were looking for while marketplace startups with venture funding were all building the same custom tech as the next marketplace startup.

Even with the largest companies in the world leveraging the marketplace business model, there still was not a platform that enabled multi-vendor marketplace solutions with fintech and logistics capabilities from the start.

In February of 2020, I left my job in payments and I rounded up the best and brightest from my former companies to build what was missing in the market - a multi-vendor marketplace platform called Nautical Commerce

Meet Nautical Commerce 

At Nautical, we wanted to make marketplace technology accessible to large and small businesses alike. We don’t believe marketplaces need to be technology companies in order to compete. Your marketplace technology should enable your business model, not be a hurdle. 

We built the first complete multi-vendor marketplace platform helping retailers, brands, and B2B businesses quickly launch and scale marketplaces. Our flexible micro-services technology enables you to easily build the experiences you want for both your buyers and sellers. 

Whether you’re an entrepreneur looking to build your marketplace or a large enterprise wanting to leverage the marketplace business model, Nautical can enable you to manage your marketplace on one unified platform. 

I am thrilled to continue building Nautical Commerce with my team. Every company will soon have a marketplace component, and we are proud to be making that technology more accessible to entrepreneurs, enterprises, and everyone in between. 

If you want to learn more, we're happy to chat with you about what Nautical can offer. 

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