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Nautical Updates
January 28, 2022

Meet Nautical Commerce: The Multi-Vendor Marketplace Platform

Niklas Halusa
Niklas Halusa
Co-Founder & CEO

From investing in marketplace technology to developing it — learn more about Niklas Halusa’s journey to co-founding Nautical Commerce. 

Nautical Commerce was born to fill a gap in the market I first noticed when I was working in venture capital. As an investor who specialized in commerce technology, I spent a lot of time with the founders and owners of marketplace companies. 

The caveat: we never actually managed to make an investment in a marketplace. 


Marketplaces continue to grow in popularity as online buying increasingly becomes the standard for B2C and B2B buyers alike. But, the fact is that when you’re only taking 10-15% per transaction and you’re trying to operate all of your orders within that margin, you can’t justify spending millions of dollars to also build software. 

At the time, to build a marketplace, there were really only two options on the table. One, build something custom from scratch. Or, two, try to Frankenstein some pieces of software together and hack your way there. Neither of these options are scaleable and neither are dedicated to making people who build multi-vendor companies successful. 

Meanwhile, my co-founders were also seeing this gap in marketplace technology. Together, we spent a lot of time diving deep into marketplaces, speaking to countless marketplace operators, to get a three-dimensional picture of exactly what it takes to succeed as a marketplace business.

We were driven to find a real solution for long-term marketplace success, and concluded that to be able to actually enable marketplaces to thrive, you need an end-to-end platform. 

Enter: Nautcial Commerce.

Meet Nautical Commerce 

At Nautical, we’ve built an end-to-end marketplace platform that is truly standalone and 100% focused on multi-vendor customers. 

Companies that implement Nautical don't need for an underlying commerce system, meaning you can keep track of all your marketplace operations in one place. Nautical enables businesses to launch a marketplace loved by buyers, sellers, and operators.  From product discovery to vendor payouts, Nautical’s comprehensive platform orchestrates marketplace transactions across every stakeholder to ensure a seamless buying experience. 

We don’t believe marketplaces should be reserved for the exclusive group of people who have access to the type of funding needed to hire software teams. After all, marketplaces are not technology companies. Your marketplace technology should enable your business model, not be a hurdle.

At Nautical, we’re democratizing access to marketplace technology. 

If you want to learn more, we're happy to chat with you about what Nautical can offer. 

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