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What is a Master Catalog?

Master Catalog Definition

A master catalog is a central repository that contains the details of all the products offered by a retailer or manufacturer. This catalog serves as a single source of truth for all product information, including product names, descriptions, images, prices, and SKUs.

When it comes to marketplaces, this catalog ensures that all sellers adhere to consistent product data, which enhances the shopper's browsing experience.Plus, a master catalog guarantees that all listings comply with company policies and branding guidelines. For marketplaces dealing with a vast array of vendors and products, a master catalog streamlines the management process, allowing for easy and efficient modification of listings, pricing, and product descriptions. Ultimately, it empowers marketplace operators to focus on higher-level tasks, such as building seller and customer relations, rather than micromanaging listings.

master catalog definition

Related terms

A product catalog is a comprehensive list of products that a business has available for purchase.
Product taxonomy is the process of organizing and classifying products in a logical and standardized manner.
Catalog management is the process of organizing and managing the various products or services you offer.
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