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What is a Peer to Peer Marketplace?

Peer to Peer Marketplace Definition

A peer to peer marketplace, commonly known as P2P marketplace, is an online platform where transactions take place between individuals directly. It is a decentralized model that connects buyers and sellers without any intermediaries. Unlike traditional marketplaces, where the middlemen take a percentage of the transaction as commission, P2P marketplaces enable the parties to transact without any fees or commissions, which is a significant advantage of these platforms.

Being a decentralized model, P2P marketplaces enable users to have greater control over the buying and selling process, thus increasing transparency, efficiency, and reliability. The P2P marketplace is a game-changer in the digital era, providing a platform for individuals to transact with ease.

Definition of peer to peer marketplace

Related terms

A B2B (business-to-business) marketplace connects buyers and sellers of products or services for wholesale transactions.
A digital marketplace is a platform where various digital products are bought and sold.
A services marketplace is a digital platform that connects service providers with consumers.
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