Jul 11, 2023

Forrester Consulting Study: From Marketplace to Market Share

Forrester Consulting Opportunity Snapshot: The Business Case for Marketplaces

Marketplaces have the potential to positively impact outcomes across the business. 

But, launching a marketplace is no small feat, and many decision-makers find it challenging to build the marketplace business case for their executives and stakeholders. 

Nautical commissioned Forrester Consulting to survey over 100 decision-makers at distribution companies across North America who’ve launched a marketplace to gain insights on the challenges faced and benefits reaped.


  • 59% of respondents’ organizations spent at least $3M to launch their marketplaces, and for nearly two-thirds of respondents’ organizations it took over 6 months
  • Businesses that developed their marketplaces in-house were 43% more likely to spend $6 million or more on the build compared to those who opted for vendor solutions
  • On average, businesses experienced 42% YOY growth after launching a marketplace

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