Feb 21, 2022

Marketplace as a Revenue Generating Channel

According to DigitalCommerce 360, all of the top ten global online retailers and nine of the top ten in the United States are marketplaces.

This is no coincidence, the best companies reinvented themselves—creating an ecosystem around their core product. The power of marketplaces has ushered in the first ever cohort of trillion dollar companies. The decision to create a marketplace around your core product is no longer an if, but a when—a strategic imperative to compete successfully in the new era of commerce. You have to monetize the power of your brand by building a strong network of suppliers to complement your product offerings.

Nautical Commerce is a marketplace platform that allows you to empower your vendors while still delivering a delightful buyer experience.

Download the Marketplace as a Revenue Generating Channel report to learn why marketplaces are the future!

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