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Own your industry with a multi-vendor commerce platform built for B2B

Nautical delivers all the tools necessary for B2B companies to deliver the commerce experiences that your buyers require

The B2B Commerce difference

Every B2B business is unique. In order to overhaul your industry, you need a commerce partner that will enable your current business processes and facilitate your digital customer journey. With Nautical’s headless multi-vendor technology, you can digitize your business by offering a B2B marketplace or leveraging the dropship model without ripping out your current systems. Focus your efforts on maximizing your vendor and buyer relationships, instead of building out commerce infrastructure.

Headless infrastructure
Event-driven microservices
GraphQL APIs
Unlimited flexibility

72% of B2B companies that built their own marketplace have gained market share in the past 2 years (McKinsey).

B2B marketplace sales surged 131% to $56B in 2021 (Digital Commerce 360).

88% of B2B buyers buy from one or more marketplaces (Distribution Strategy Group).

Unlock your growth potential with Nautical’s headless
multi-vendor platform

Deliver a Modern B2B Commerce Experience

Offer an exceptional B2B experience to both vendors and buyers to ensure repeat business and commerce growth. Nautical’s multi-vendor platform was built to make marketplace and dropship transactions simple.

Bulk product uploads
Event-driven microservices
Vendor management
B2B payment methods
Request for quote flows
Document handling

Keep Your Current Systems Intact

Keep the tech you’ve already invested in. Nautical’s API and open architecture work with the systems you’re using. You can continue to use your ERP or legacy software while elevating your business offering with Nautical’s headless multi-vendor capabilities.

Native integrations
Event-driven architecture
Headless extensibility
Cloud agnostic

Manage Multiple Product Data Sources

Offering a great online experience requires clean product data. Pull product images, pricing, descriptions, and more from an unlimited number of sources into Nautical’s multi-vendor backend. Ensure your products are up-to-date and synced between systems.

Event-driven architecture
GraphQL APIs
Bulk product uploads
Vendor onboarding
Master product catalog

Maximize Operational Efficiencies

Digitize analog processes using Nautical’s multi-vendor technology to increase operational efficiencies and reduce time spent on manual tasks. Allow your employees to focus on customer and vendor support instead of product uploads and invoice creation.

Operator dashboard
Request for quote flows
Vendor onboarding
Transaction orchestration

Automate Money Management

Keeping track of funds across various systems runs the risk of incompatibility, downtime, and complex integrations. Nautical’s multi-vendor platform has a built-in advanced payments and accounting system so you can rest assured the money is where it needs to be — regardless of your unique payments flows.

GraphQL APIs
Real-time revenue recognition
Payments orchestration layer
Contract management
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Customer Stories

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“From the day I pitched my concept (to Nautical), to the day we were able to sit down in one of the largest vehicle logistics retailers office in the country was less than 90 days…the speed at which they brought us to market was insane.”

Royce Neubauer


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