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Jul 6, 2022

Advice to Marketplace Founders from Marketplace Founders

Our Speakers

The Nautical team spoke with marketplace founders at the 2022 Collision Conference.

From our conversations, we present 'Advice to Marketplace Founders from Marketplace Founders.'

We chatted with:

Ahmet Turan, CEO of Desserts App

Desserts App is a marketplace for bakeries and dessert shops.

Matt McCoy, Co-founder of Higher

Higher is a job platform that utilizes TikTok style videos to showcase employers.

Karl Etherly, Founder of Fix Me a Dish

Fix Me a Dish is a marketplace to find and book a personal chef.

Amber Yakutchik, Founder & CEO of Good Deeds

Good Deeds is a non-monetized digital marketplace where users go to exchange goods & services for virtual credits instead of money.

Richard Cadet, Co-founder & CEO of RKCommunity

RKCommunity is an event rental marketplace.

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