Dec 13, 2022

What It Takes to be A Venture-Backable Marketplace [Webinar]

Our Speakers

Ryan Lee
Nautical Commerce Founder & CEO
Marc-Antoine Bonin
Planned Co-founder
Masha Khusid
Drive Capital Partner

Following Nautical Commerce’s $30M Series A funding announcement, we hosted a webinar with industry experts to discuss what it takes to be a venture-backable marketplace.

The panel featured ecommerce leaders:

Masha Khusid: Partner, Drive Capital
Marc-Antoine Bonin: Co-founder, Planned
Ryan Lee: Founder & CEO, Nautical Commerce
Moderator: Bhavin Shah, CTO/COO, Nautical Commerce

Venture capital is buying into online #marketplaces in a big way. In 2021, VC investors poured $139B into marketplaces, roughly doubling 2020s investment numbers. If you’re a business looking to launch a marketplace, there are four critical components you need to know:

— Be quick to market
— Prioritize the customer experience
— Don’t overspend by developing your own tech stack
— Invest in purpose-built marketplace technology instead

Reach out to the Nautical marketplace experts here to learn how to launch your marketplace within 90 days!

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