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Oct 6, 2022

Marketplace SEO Best Practices

Our Speakers

Niklas Halusa

Niklas Halusa


Nautical was built to ensure marketplaces can grow and scale, and one component of successful growth is generating demand through search with a modern and sophisticated SEO strategy. Listen in as Nautical President, Niklas Halusa, discusses how Nautical’s multi-vendor marketplace platform lets you take control of your marketplace SEO.

As your marketplace expands into new categories and product offerings, you must optimize category and product pages with relevant content, specifications, and other crucial details, enabling search engines to trust your marketplace as a leader within your niche.

Our platform makes it easy for marketplace operators to add product depth while optimizing their content with SEO best practices. To learn more about Nautical’s built-in SEO capabilities for your marketplace, reach out to our experts.

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