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Mar 23, 2022

Unbundling of Marketplaces: Part 2

Our Speakers

Niklas Halusa

Niklas Halusa

President, Nautical Commerce

The unbundling trend Nautical President, Niklas Halusa, spoke of in our video "The Unbundling of Marketplaces: Part 1" is coming to the generalist marketplaces. 

The buying experience of generalist marketplaces aren't an experience that brands on the marketplace want to support, and it's not what consumers want either. More and more consumers want to hear the stories of products and care about the things they are putting on and in their bodies. 

This storytelling experience is very hard to give on large generalist marketplaces, and leaves brands without any control over their brand experience. 

Today, there is a huge opportunity for marketplaces to cater to the individual shopping styles that consumers like or the brand requirements that manufacturers and product companies are looking for.

If you're interested in building a marketplace, reach out to the marketplace experts at Nautical at today! 

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