May 2, 2022

Multi-Vendor Marketplace Total Cost of Ownership

The number of multi-vendor marketplaces launching around the globe grows every day. Entrepreneurs and enterprises alike recognize the ability to consistently increase revenue, become more asset-light, and enhance product depth by operating a marketplace model.

But, building and operating a multi-vendor marketplace is hard. To tap into the exponential growth experienced by the world’s largest marketplaces, you first have to understand the journey to becoming a top-tier marketplace. One piece of that journey is defining the financial requirements for launching and maintaining a marketplace.

Before you jump into building a multi-vendor marketplace, you need to understand all the costs associated with the undertaking, which are:
1. Technology cost
2. Personnel cost
3. Operating cost
4. Friction cost
5. Opportunity cost

Download the report today to get a full breakdown of each of these costs and how they effect your multi-vendor marketplace!

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