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Jul 25, 2024

From Marketplace to Market Share: How Distributors are Maximizing Marketplace ROI

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Our Speakers

Ryan Lee
Founder & CEO Of Nautical Commerce
Guest Speaker: Joe Cicman
Senior Analyst at Forrester

There’s increasing pressure for distributors to advance their digital offerings through dropshipping and marketplaces, with the potential to positively impact outcomes across the business.​

But launching a marketplace is no small feat, and many decision-makers find it challenging to demonstrate the value of a marketplace to their executives and shareholders.

In this live recording, Ryan Lee, CEO and Founder of Nautical Commerce, and Joe Cicman, Senior Analyst at Forrester, sit down to discuss the return distributors are seeing on their marketplaces and provide actionable strategies.

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0:00 - Intro

1:56 - Market overview by Joe Cicman

13:46 - The primary reasons distributors are building marketplaces

18:22 - Why building a marketplace is a significant investment

21:47 - The challenges distributors need to consider throughout their marketplace journeys

25:40 - Strategies organizations can employ to mitigate challenges and maximize ROIAudience Q&A

34:15 - What are the traits of a distributor that make it a good candidate for launching a marketplace?

37:28 - Are there any kinds of marketplaces that don't lend themselves to what Nautical offers its clients?

39:25 - Where does AI play in the marketplaces of today and tomorrow?

42:20 - How would you suggest validating the marketplace idea before starting to develop it?

46:15 - Does the marketplace model call for the distributor to put their own inventory through the marketplace, or is the marketplace proxied into the site?

49:02 - What are the opportunities for operators to improve how their teams adopt new technology?

52:25 - How often do distributors move away from a distributor/vendor-manufacturing relationship to a marketplace/seller relationship?

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