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Dec 4, 2022

The Components of a B2B Marketplace Stack [Webinar]

Our Speakers

Ryan Lee

Ryan Lee

Nautical Founder & CEO
Bar Geron

Bar Geron

Balance Co-founder & CEO
Pat McGovern

Pat McGovern

Marketplace Consultant/Advisor

The B2B marketplace ecosystem is currently undergoing a period of innovation, whether it be venture-backed vertical players going after industry niches or large sellers looking to change their approach from single-vendor commerce.

Marketplaces, however, are extremely complicated to run and must operate at the intersection of commerce, fintech, and logistics to be successful. In this webinar, Nautical Founder and CEO, Ryan Lee, was joined by Balance Co-founder and CEO, Bar Geron, and marketplace consultant/advisor, Pat McGovern, to discuss the components of a B2B marketplace stack.  

They dove into:

🔵 Difficulties of B2B marketplace logistics

🔵 Differences of B2B payments compared to single-vendor commerce

🔵 Buying vs building a marketplace platform

🔵 B2B payment solutions

🔵 Shift toward the multi-vendor model

To watch the full webinar, click the YouTube link above.

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