Jan 9, 2023

The ABCs of Scaling Your Marketplace Promotions

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Our Speakers

Ryan Lee
Founder & CEO of Nautical Commerce
Andrew Yates
Co-Founder & CEO of

As marketplaces grow and scale, they need to think about how to navigate promotions and advertising.

Nautical Founder & CEO, Ryan Lee, and Andrew Yates, CEO and Founder at, speak on:

8:00 - Marketplace Math: why you should use tools to power the marketplace

13:20 - Cost and consequences of building software internally

19:50 - When should marketplaces begin thinking about promotions/ads

26:40 - How Apple’s data privacy changes have impacted the advertising ecosystem

34:50 - First steps to margin optimization advertisement like Amazon

37:20 - How Promoted assess advertising for different customers

40:30 - Marketplaces are all about data

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