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Oct 6, 2022

Understanding the Logistics & Commerce Requirements for a Marketplace

Our Speakers

Nautical Commerce Founder & CEO, Ryan Lee, joined an Everything Marketplaces Group Chat to discuss the complex logistics and commerce requirements for a marketplace and how Nautical’s multi-vendor marketplace platform solves these issues. 

Logistics is challenging for a commerce company but is even more difficult to navigate for a marketplace. Under the marketplace model, you are constantly steering sellers to adhere to your business requirements:

  • Service Levels Agreements (SLAs) 
  • Promises to Buyers 
  • Delivery & Shipping Windows

Nautical’s solution to alleviate these pain points is through our robust notifications framework, which keeps sellers consistently updated with your needs in the marketplace. Notifications and alerts are fundamentally embedded in the Nautical platform, intersecting commerce and logistics for your marketplace. 

“Logistics is a highly collaborative industry. It’s a lot of coordination. We embedded that into the experience,” said Nautical Commerce Founder & CEO Ryan Lee during the EM Group Chat. “We like to remove the friction to sell, to buy, but also remove the friction to operate.”  

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